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Ciro Orsini is the founder and owner of the famous Ciros Pizza Pomodoro Italian Restraunts situated all over the world.... with more to open soon. Pizza Pomodoro is a bar/restraunt with live music each and every night and has an absolutly fantastic atmosphere in each venue. Ciro also has various current projects and contacts within the music,movie and fashion industry. Currently travelling all over the world this is the site in which you can follow Ciros movements and different ventures.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bali 7th Aug- 12th Aug
Bali... What a beautiful relaxing and tranquil place surrounded by the rice fields and rainforest,but still plenty of work to do...
We stayed in the most beautifull villa with my dear friend and partner Sacha, along with my PA Lindsey,and friends Ayo and Betsy.
Our main line of work here is with my connection to
The company Humanitad. Humanitad was established in 1998 by Sacha Stone and has now been running for 8 years.It is an orginastion with exceptional government support involved. This is a netural organization dedicated to uniting nations,faiths and cultures, and is a charity connected with our new venture The Abu Dhabi One day one world festival A week long festival bringing a global network of producers,directors and musicians coming together to produce and highlight various shows packed with Music,Dance,Culture,Arts,Cusine and traditional sports which will bring Abu Dhabi to the eyes of the world. This great festival will guarantee a line up of major international stars including Robbie Williams, Elton John,Madonna,Norah Jones,Beyonce and many many more.

.. It was great to also learn more about the indonesian culture and the good kharma which circulates around this beautifull country. The influence of Buddah and the respect between mankind, nature and Buddah really gives you a content feeling and a sense of self believe, in which we all need in life.The handmade sculptures and carvings by the local people are absolutely wonderfull and the work in which these people do is an inspiration.I feel so happy and honoured to meet these people and to be able to appreciate thier way of life. A truly amazing country and one which I can definatly say I will return to.
It was great to be invited to Peter and his wifes party,at thier unbelievable villa and to be introduced to so many lovely people. The frog race was a great idea,along with the whole atmosphere including the food and dance, and I shall never forget this gathering which you prepared for us.
With a great host and guide in my friend Sacha I had a truly amazing time and look forward to The Abu Dhabi Festival

Bangkok Aug 1st - 7th

My short stay in Bangkok was great thanks to very good friends of mine, Actor Gary Stretch and film producer David Winters.The restraunts in which they took me to and the sights of the city which they showed me were absolutly fabulous... I cant thank you enough.
The main reason for my visit to Bangkok was to get things moving regarding a thriller movie which Gary Stretch will play the main part of jonny.
This film looks poitivly scary,and thrilling and I am looking forward to this project getting fully up running and filming.
Of course the Thai cusine was wonderfull and the hospiality of the locals was welcoming,and relaxing.
My introduction to the guys running The Stem Cell Therapy at Bed Bar was one of my highlights, and what a great operation they are running, I can only wish you the best of luck.
Meeting up with my other dear friend Gary and his friends from Leeds who took time out from thie holiday and travelled almost 4hours to Bangkok to have lunch was truly appreciated.Our outing to the shopping centre was so much fun and what crazy jeans i bought! I hope you had an enjoyable time and made it back to the UK safe?!
Like I said a brief but fantastic time in Bangkok and straight on to Bali......

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ciros travel Aug 06

This is the Bio of Ciro Orsini. This way you get to catch up on his whereabouts, contacts and business projects.
As you may know Ciro is the owner and founder of Ciros Pizza Pomodoro Itallian restraunts , with live music nightly situated allover the world... with more to open soon!
Ciro also has current projects and connections within the film, music and fashion industry.
Here is where you can find out all the details on Ciro and his current projects.